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We create worship planning resources to energize and inspire you as you inspire your people!

Every Subscription Includes

Theme-Based plans, both lectionary & non-lectionary, to enhance your worship experiences

Creative Worship Ideas
& Songs for Worship

Film Clips, Visuals, & Participation Ideas
Pop, Contemporary, & Traditional Songs

Tired of the same old songs? Wanting to integrate more imagery, perhaps even video and film clips? Then, this is the most important part of your new subscription. Every idea is tied to the seasonal theme and weekly scriptures, including the latest Christian and pop songs and even a few traditional hymns, images to emphasize your theme, links to film and video clips, and great ideas for active participation in worship and taking our faith to the world.

Sermon Starters

Title Suggestions, Series Ideas, Stories, and Scriptural & Theological Insights​

Tired of looking at the blank page and wondering where to start? Wishing you had a brainstorming partner to get your creative juices flowing? Want ideas for the weekly newsletter? Just what you need right here! Tied to the seasonal theme and weekly scriptures, each Sermon Starter contains at least one story or illustration along with biblically-based spiritual reflections to inspire your sermon planning & get your writing off to a great start. You can even lift the Sermon Starter word for word and be ready to go at a minute's notice.

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Words for Worship

Calls to Worship, Prayers, Litanies, Poems, and Benedictions 

Wanting some fresh words as you design your worship services? Wanting a trustworthy "go to" to prepare your weekly bulletins? Tied to the seasonal theme and weekly scriptures, these Words for Worship are crafted so that you can easily cut and paste, or edit and adapt with your own creativity and theology. Share this resource with your staff or volunteers at no additional cost, so they can easily help with the bulletin or slideshow preparations.

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    “You are amazing, Mary, and your creativity is such a gift to the church and to the world.”

    Joe Stobaugh

    Senior Pastor, University Park United Methodist Church, Dallas

  • Mary Scifres Ministries

    “When in doubt -
    When trying to figure it all out.
    Have no fear -
    Mary's material is here!”


    Senior Pastor, Tell City (Indiana) United Methodist Church

  • Mary Scifres Ministries

    “I love your subscription! Used a couple ideas last Sunday, and it was very successful!”

    susan oeffler

    First United Methodist Church of Rice Lake (Wisconsin)

  • Mary Scifres Ministries

    “You are so clear and articulate regarding the texts. The resources are best thing ever for me. Otherwise, I am in a vacuum by myself.”


    Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande (California)

A Complete Worship Resource

Simplify your life and energize your ministry for less than $10 a week with this all-inclusive worship planning resource. Sign up today, and you'll immediately receive access to weekly Sermon Starters, Words for Worship, Songs for Worship & Creative Ideas with innovative suggestions for including video, imagery, and hands-on ideas for worshippers to interact with your message and worship experience - all tied to a seasonal theme, scripture, and suggested sermon title. Everything you need at your fingertips for designing amazing worship easily, creating your weekly bulletins and worship slides, and crafting your sermon with your own personal flare and creative energy.  Create inspiring and innovative worship week after week, without feeling exhausted!

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