21st Century Worship: Emerging, Engaging, Enlightening

Understanding and Integrating New Ideas & Elements of Worship


Worship terms and styles shift as quickly as favorite television shows these days.  Postmodern, Emergent, Taize’, Traditional, Seeker, Praise… What do these terms mean?  Do they really help define us?  Can they enhance our ability to reach people in worship?  Workshop leader, coach, and consultant Rev. Mary J. Scifres will enrich our worship leadership as she explores these changing faces of worship with their unique terms and styles and teaches us how to integrate new elements of worship into existing styles of worship.  Together, we will explore the ways worship addresses the spiritual needs that people are experiencing today as we face a constantly changing culture. Envisioning ways that our worship and preaching ministries can connect us with the world around us, this exploration will include discussion of the worship needs of postmodern Gen Xers and Gen Yers.  Bring your ideas and questions to this engaging and enlightening conversation!