Designing Convergent Worship in Creative Ways


Worship labels need not limit us in this 21st century, postmodern world!  When we design worship from the themes and dreams that emerge from our creative planning and discernment process, we allow worship styles and ideas to converge.


Explore this new, creative possibility that Scifres calls “convergent worship” as we merge and integrate styles and ideas that refer to “emergent worship,” “postmodern worship,” and “emerging worship” with styles and ideas known as “traditional” and “contemporary.”


Rather than seeing these new expressions of worship as one more program or worship style to add to our local church schedules, workshop leader Mary J. Scifres invites us to integrate the possibilities for multi-sensory, participatory, communal spiritual disciplines emerging from these diverse worship conversations into our current worship.   In doing so, our worship more easily connects with people both outside and inside the doors of the church.  As we connect in new ways, Scifres sees “the breath of life flowing into the open church doors even as we offer the breath of life to a culture choked by loneliness and hopelessness.” With a refreshing look at our changing world, worship becomes an avenue for us to serve even as we are refreshed by God’s 

ever-moving Spirit.


As we explore the changing views of reality and meaning in our world today, we can design and lead worship that connects with people in transformative 

ways.  In this workshop, Scifres will provide practical tools and ideas for

integrating various worship elements and styles--including emerging styles

alongside multisensory and multicultural resources--into our worship services.