Preaching Possibilities

in a Postmodern World


Preaching in the postmodern world has evolved into an intriguing art form that invites creativity and conversation in new and exciting ways.  Whether you preach in a large, traditional setting or a small, informal congregation, the opportunity exists to engage in relational preaching, creating a culture of conversation. As we learn new ways of communicating for a new generation of listeners, preachers in the 21st century are challenged to integrate old and new preaching styles and homiletic approaches to reach and engage the diverse worshippers in our congregations.  No one preaching style is “the right way,” but each of us brings specific gifts to this challenge.  In this workshop, we will enrich and strengthen our preaching skills by exploring various ways of preaching and communicating to reach both postmoderns and moderns in our congregations and in our world.


Bring samples of your preaching or email them beforehand - video preferably, although written manuscripts are also welcome.  Mary will review materials and personalize this workshop for the participants of the day!