Worship and Ministry in a Postmodern World

Understanding the Postmodern World & 

Integrating that Understanding into our Ministries


What in the world is a postmodern world?  “Postmodern” is simply a “label” that can help us categorize and understand the shifting worldview of people both in and outside of our church walls.  As we explore the changing views of reality and values in our world today, we can design and lead worship and ministries that reach and connect with people in transformative ways.  With new understanding, we can transform lives by addressing the spiritual needs arising in the postmodern world.


Workshop leader and coach Mary J. Scifres will enrich and strengthen our worship leadership and ministry skills as she explores the changing culture of our world.  In this advanced workshop to follow “21st Century Worship,” Scifres offers insights and tools for understanding young adults with postmodern attitudes.  With these insights and tools, you can further develop worship, preaching, and ministries that reach new people while continuing to serve the spiritual and pastoral needs of your current congregations.