Rest and Renew for Creative Worship

Autumn is almost here, which usually feels like a "new year" to many church leaders. Are you ready with creative plans and designs for worship this fall? Or are you overwhelmed with the fall program schedule, church choir rehearsals, administrative tasks, music team training, or a stewardship campaign breathing down your neck? Most church leaders find this time of year incredibly busy and even stressful. Busy-ness and high levels of stress can kill creativity, so reach out to others and set aside time to inspire your creativity.

Set aside one day each week as your "study and rehearsal day." Close the door, study for your sermon, practice your preaching plan, plan your choir rehearsal, or rehearse your music for Sunday. Turn off "notifications," ignore business emails and personal social media posts. Read those articles you've filed for "later." Pull out that songbook you bought at last summer's convention. Delve into a favorite book or a new one that's calling to you.

Pray. Rest. Listen. Renew. Set this time aside and claim it as sacred as you claim Sunday morning. Your worship leadership will grow and blossom, and your creativity will begin to take flight.

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