Inspiring Spring: A Season for New Beginnings

Spring is a time of new beginnings in the northern hemisphere. Bright sunshine intertwines with frequent rain to bring forth fruit blossoms, flowering blooms, and bright green fields. Even in drought-stricken California, new life is emerging as spring takes hold this year. The gentle rain on the roof last night lulled me back to sleep, as I reflected on Mother Earth's amazing gifts of seasons, new beginnings after endings, and rebirth even out of death.

The winter has been a season of death in our family - job losses, disappointing news, health problems. Spring has arrived on the earth, and yet our own little family struggles to find signs of new life. Still, Mother Earth inspires hope, as She does every spring with bird songs that were long absent during the winter, bright colors that adorn the hillsides, and the gentle green that comes only with spring rains and soft sunshine. As I look out over the hills of Aliso Creek Canyon, I see the shadows of gathering clouds interspersed with bright swaths of sun-painted fields. Rain and sunshine intermingle to create the beauty we see at this time of year. Similarly, in our lives, our work our homes, our organizations, and our leadership, rain and sunshine intermingle each and every day.

Spring comes each year to remind us that life emerges from death, that sunshine and rain are both needed to bring forth life. There is no ending, only an endless cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death cycling back into life through a new birth that is fed by the very things that we once labeled "decay." Two birds are plucking the dead leaves from the spider plant outside my window and building a nest for the eggs they will soon lay. The compost from last summer is now fertilizing the sprouting plants of this spring. And so it goes in our leadership, the organizations we lead, the relationships we sustain, and the people we love.

May this inspiring gift of spring inspire you to hope again, to trust in the creative power of the universe that resides in you, and to explore new possibilities for the future that lies in front of you each and every day. This is a season for new beginnings. What new venture is in store for you?

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