Inspiring Those Who Inspire Others

Inspiring today’s change-makers to become tomorrow’s leaders lies at the heart of everything Mary Scifres Ministries does. As both demanding coaches and friendly companions, Mary and her team help individuals, communities, ministry teams, & churches recognize possibilities for growth by helping expand dreams and focus visions. Whether you are helping others, growing a church, exploring your creativity, making the world a better place, or simply improving your own life, you have the potential to inspire others on your own journey of creativity & life-giving transformation. Mary can help you discern and develop your talents and the possibilities for growth they afford with tools to pursue these possibilities with passion and purpose in order to transform your talents and potential into reality, as you help make this world an even better place!

Lots always to stir the mind, heart, and spirit - and oh yes, the imagination too!

-Paula Elizabeth-


[Mary has] a quiet confidence, a gracious manner, and a finely-tuned sense of when to listen and when to speak. 

-Chip Fisher-



Your workshop was insightful, stimulating, and so easy to stay tuned into.  You made the day a huge success for our church. And, what a wonderful personal experience, to witness someone who has so positively integrated her corporate side with the voice of the Spirit!

-Carolyn Monofre-



In that little church, we heard one of the most remarkable sermons that we have heard in a lifetime…. Articulate, intelligent, and wonderfully verbal.

-Sherry Route-

Thank you for your wonderful presence with the congregation last week.  Your leadership training was very enlightening and empowering for all!

-Karen Clark Ristine, Pastor

Mission Hills UMC



Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.  I'm feeling more energized than ever.

-Bruce Formes,

Financial Planner

Inspirational Speaker

Let Mary energize and inspire your next event! Whether motivating leaders, discussing shifts in our culture, inspiring creative worship design, or teaching about leadership and change management, Mary will bring powerful insights to your event as a keynote speaker, featured leader, or preacher.


Teacher & Workshop Leader

With an interactive style, Mary helps people explore contemporary culture, leadership tools, change management techniques, multi-generational team building, and creative skills for worship and event design. Contact Mary to discuss your training needs.

Visionary & Strategist

Using a 6-12 month process, Mary guides leaders & organizations in discovering & defining both vision and purpose, and then creating a strategy for living into that with a specific plan of action. 



Worship & Event Designer

Mary can help teams planning large events and worship experiences or local churches designing new worship styles.

Inspirational Author

Mary brings inspiration & insight to all of her writing, whether providing creative worship resources or transformational insight in her spiritual writing. Check out all of Mary's books on her bookstore page by clicking here.